ABS A.Light Free

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Quick overview

The ABS A.Light Free is the most versatile avalanche backpack with airbag system with innovative safety features for freeriders and off-piste skiers who want the best possible protection in adventure.

The ABS A.LIGHT FREE is designed for all freeriders and off-piste skiers seeking for the best powder. Thanks to the unique ABS® TwinBags Plus system, two independent airbags release in an emergency in a volume-optimized shape, significantly increasing the likelihood of staying on the surface. The striking, clean product design with a well thought-out carrying system and minimalist 10-liter pack volume offers space for shovel, probe and first aid kit in an integrated safety compartment - any unnecessary packing volume is dispensed with. This makes the backpack particularly compact, so there is no longer any reason not to have an avalanche backpack with you in powder. In the BaseUnit there is room for a hydration system, for example. If additional equipment, such as a helmet or jacket, needs to be stowed during the ascent, this can be attached to the backpack via a modular strap system. Optimized for safety in an emergency, the backpack not only has a color-coded Emergency Flap for immediate access to the integrated safety compartment, but is also equipped with a standard leg loop so that the backpack cannot be pulled over the head in the event of an avalanche. This loop can be neatly stowed in a special pocket in the hip belt for transport. An insulated pocket that prevents temperature-related battery loss of the cell phone completes the designed safety package. In addition to the safety features, the carrying experience has also been optimized. While the special back padding protects against falling on the shovel and probe, the padded carrying straps and an individually adjustable back plate with two bendable aluminum struts ensure the perfect ergonomic fit and maximum comfort during ascent and descent.

The new A.LIGHT can be individually adjusted via various optional features.  In addition to the standard UniGrids for attaching the jacket or the SkiGrid for diagonal ski attachment, the helmet can be optimally attached to the outside of the backpack via the high-end helmet mesh. With the additional SkiGrid Pro, consisting of longer straps, the skis can be mounted on the side of the backpack in A-frame format. This allows ambitious ski tourers to carry significantly more material in and on the backpack.


  • The most versatile avalanche backpack with ABS®-System for off-piste.
  • 10 L Volume
  • Extension Pack 15l: 220 g
  • S/M: Length 455 mm, weight: 2.800g
  • L/XL: Length 515 mm, weight: 2.900g
  • System: Pyro Tech, Tried-and-tested pyrotechnic ABS® release system.
  • Airbags: ABS® TwinBags, Unique airbag system with system with two independent airbags in a volume-optimized shape.
  • Safety pocket: RescUnit, Instant access to shovel, probe and first-aid kit with one single pull.
  • Extension Pack System: Core Boost, Modular system of a minimalistic base "ready to ride" and extension packs for more volume.
  • Carrying system: Superior Support, Padded shoulder straps and back panel with adjustable shape for ergonomic back support.
  • Straps: GridLab System, UniGrid: Universal straps to attach additional equipment.
  • Phone case: Protection pocket, Isolated pocket to protect the phone and prevent (temperature related) battery loss.
  • Leg strap: Safety leash, Leg strap for additional security with easy stowage technology.
  • Chest strap: Easy slider, easy-to-use chest strap with magnetic lock.