ABS A.Light Extension Pack 25L

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Quick overview

If additional pack volume is needed on some mountain days, the A.LIGHT can be flexibly upgraded with the new extension system with packs in two sizes (15L and 25L volume). In order to be able to continue to attach equipment such as snowboard or jacket to the outside of the backpack, longer UniGrid straps are included as standard with the 25L Extension Pack. In addition, glasses can be stowed away easily and without scratches in a fleece covered glasses compartment and ice axes or poles can be stored using a hidden attachment. This allows ambitious ski tourers to attach significantly more material in and on the rucksack.


  • ABS A.Light Extension Pack 15L
  • Weight:
    • 15l: 220g
    • 25L: 240g
  • RESCUNIT: Immediate access to shovel, probe and first aid kit with a single handle.
  • COREBOOST: Modular system consisting of a minimalist "ready to ride" base and extension packs for more volume.
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT: Padded carrying straps and special adjustable back padding for ergonomic fit.
  • GRIDLAB SYSTEM: UniGrid: Universal straps for attaching additional equipment
  • PROTECTION POCKET: Insulated pouch to protect the mobile phone and to avoid (temperature-related) battery loss.
  • SAFETY LEASH: Leg strap for additional securing with easy stowage.
  • EASY SLIDER: Easy to use chest strap with magnetic closure.