Northwave Decade Pro 23/24

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Type: Snowboardboot

Quick overview

Decade PRO: With a personality as dynamic as Ethan Morgan, success is virtually guaranteed. Ethan's sophomore pro model boot encapsulates everything you've ever desired: a harmonious blend of style and unyielding durability. Building upon the Decade's technological foundation, this iteration introduces a classic lacing system, infusing a touch of old-school charm into contemporary design.

Presented in a pristine white, the boot serves as a blank canvas, awaiting your personal touch. Should you wish to customize, included are an array of vibrant pens within for uninhibited artistic expression.



This boot has the Popcorn Outsole which incorporates shock absorption with low profile outsole to bring your feet closer to the board allowing you to pratically feel the snow beneath your feet. Northwave has added TPU into the exterior to guard against abrasion, wear and tear and will give the boot extra protection over it's lifetime. The asymmetric tongue will connect well to the skins and keep your feet dry.

  • Popcorn Outsole
  • TPU Reinforcements
  • Biomap Tongue


The Northwave  Decade Pro contains a TF Pro Liner, with double density foam to ensure the perfect fit. Paired with the insole Contour coushion consists on two EVA. A rigid part for stability and one part to absorb impacts. This boot can fit right away, but it will also gradually mould to your foot as you use it. The Heel Licker SLS retention System does exactly what you would expect, lock your heel as tight as possible with a lot of comfort.

  • TF Pro Liner
  • Heel Licker SLS


This closure system needs no explanation. It’s where everythingstarted, the most spartan and versatile way to tight your boots. 
The heel licker system combined with the SLS system assuring the best lock of your foot possible.

  • Super Lace Single


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