Never Summer Snowtrooper 23/24

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Profile Twin Camber-Rocker-Camber
Style All-Mountain, Freestyle
Shape Directional Twin
Flex Medium
Snowboard Core Types Poplar, Beech
Snowboard Additions Core Carbon
Base Type Sintered +
Snowboard Binding Montage 2 x 4
Snowboard Fibers Core Biax
Snowboard Sidewall UHMW / P-tex

Quick overview

The Never Summer Snowtrooper is the all-mountain equalizer and a great board for any riding style. It features Original Rocker Camber Profile for float and playfulness. Because they didn't add any carbon inlays between the feet it's easy to ride with low speeds and forgiving. The Trooper is for beginners to more advanced riders shredding the entire mountain. Base colors may vary.



  • Original Rocker Camber
    2 times camber underfoot with rocker in the middle and at the tip and tail, for a playful and surf-like riding style. With still enough grip, performance and versatility to use all over the mountain.

  • Vario Power Grip Sidecut
    Vario power grip sidecut utilizes multiple radiuses creating extra contact points to enhance edge hold. A flat section in the rocker area provides a broad contact point when flexed, however when unbent allows the board to track straight and not catch. Flanking this straight section are two shallow radiuses which provide the second and third contact points. Towards the ends of the sidecut are deep radiuses which render quick turn initiation and the final contact points. The chairman power grip sidecut has two more radiuses for additional edge hold.

  • Transition Area
    A small, flat section in the snowboard profile that improves both turn initiation and powder floatation.


  • NS Superlight Wood Core
    Using a custom blend of wood species that was created to be the lightest weight yet durable core on the market. Never Summer’s ns superlight wood core is cnc sanded in Never Summer’s custom wood working facility to a fraction of a millimeter. A tailored flex is perfected, giving Never Summer’s snowboards unequaled performance.


  • Bi-Lite Fiberglass
    Bi-lite fiberglass combines many of the strength characteristics of Never Summer’s sts fiberglass with an ultra light glass fiber matrix. This delivers incredible freestyle and freeride performance without sacrificing durability.

  • Carbon VXR Laminate Technology
    Carbon vxr extends carbon fiber v's out from the inserts to the effective edge for quick response while stiffening the board torsionally. Additionally, v's are positioned to the ends of the board providing maximum boost and pop when loaded up. This is an ideal layup to transfer energy to the end of the effective edge, tip/tail and still give the board a softer more forgiving mid-flex for torsional control.

  • STS Pre-tensioned Fiberglass
    The world's best snowboard fiberglass, period. Never Summer’s sts pre-tensioned fiberglass is an advanced pre-hardened, pre-tensioned, layered laminate that has added elastomer stringers between the 0 degree and 90 degree glass fibers (the length of the effective edge). This produces a stronger bond between the individual glass laminates giving Never Summer’s snowboards unmatched strength, edge hold and performance.


  • Premium Co-extruded Polymer Topsheets
    The premium topsheets are very durable, lightweight, scratch and chip resistant fiber made of co-extruded polymer thermoplastic.


  • Durasurf Sintered 5501 Base
    Base Crown Plastics has developed an exclusive, super fast, durable sintered base specifically for Never Summer's higher end boards. Just the right amount of graphite has been added making the DURASURF XT SINTERED 5501 BASE the fastest Never Summer ever used.

  • Base color
    Never summer works with Flip-flop bases. This means that the same pattern is cut in 2 colours and the punch is changed. Therefore, we cannot guarantee which base colour you will receive.



  • RDS 2 Damping System
    This lightweight system uses three narrower laminated damping layers that provide the perfect combination of vibration, absorption, and stability. Rds 2 is the perfect balance of freeride stability and freestyle liveliness.

  • Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers
    Elastomeric underfoot stabilizers directly below the mounting area provide optimum vibration absorption and increase high-speed stability while reducing foot fatigue.

  • Sintered P-tex Inner and Outer Sidewall
    Never Summer was the first snowboard company to use and perfect sintered p-tex sidewalls, and we've never seen one crack. Unlike conventional abs sidewalls, that have a tendency to crack in colder temperatures, sintered p-tex sidewalls maintain their integrity at any temperature.


Never Summer Snowtrooper 23/24 Sizechart
Size (cm) 152 156 159 157X 160X
Effective Edge (mm) 1160 1200 1220 1200 1220
Tip Width (mm) 292 296 298 305 307
Waist Width (mm) 248 252 254 261 263
Tail Width (mm) 292 296 298 305 307
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.53 7.90 8.18 7.91 8.18
Stance Setback (in) 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
Width Regular Regular Regular Wide Wide