Mountain Slope Point. 951 130RD

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Type: Hardboot

Quick overview

The Point. 951 130 RD(Race Department) is a true racing boot with 130 flex! Main function is the same as the Northwave Point.950 but with optimal design for a more precise adjustment, better material, stronger back mechanic and with less reaction to temperature changes.


  • Grillamid Plus
    The shell of the boot is made of Grilamid Plus. This has the lowest density of all polyamides containing carbon atoms. Grilamid can withstand temperature changes very well and is very strong. This makes sure that the boot can withstand daily stress in snowy conditions very well, without the material hardening.


  • Center Line
    With the center line you can adjust the boot exactly to the middle of the binding. Make sure the binding and boot have no canting.


  • Karakoram Ultra Clips 3C
    The spring in the forward lean is interchangeable. This allows you to adjust the stiffness of the boot to your liking.


  • Forward Lean Adjustment
    With the forward lean on the boat you have the option to vary by about 5 to 10mm.


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