Head Supershape E-Magnum 23/24

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What length ski

What ski length you need depends on your level, weight, height, type of ski and personal preference.

The table below is a guideline to determine the right length ski based on ski type and level.

More Information
Ski dimensions 129-72-111
Turn Radius 13.1m @ 170cm

Quick overview

The Head Supershape E-Magnum is the most versatile Supershape in the series. The E-Magnum is an easy-to-handle, high-end recreational carving ski for everyday on-piste skiing. The ski delivers top performance without being punishing to the user when there is no racing. With its narrower waist width, the ski excels in carving turns on groomed slopes while maintaining responsiveness and agility.


The ski has a traditional pre-tensioning over almost its entire length. This shape makes it easy to build up pressure in the turns, creating good edge grip. Nowadays, nearly all Camber skis also have some sort of rocker in the tip to improve turn initiation.

The core consists of specifically selected wood types that are laminated in different compositions into a solid core. This gives the designers control over all the characteristics of the ski.

A composite metal of mainly aluminium, known for its torsional stiffness and durability. The addition of a Titanal layer to the ski construction provides stability at speed, strength and damping.

Sidewall Construction
A PU layer that seals the layered ski construction on the side and adds strength. Skis with a sidewall construction are generally more stable at speed, livelier and more durable.

Head's Energy Management Circuit is an electronic ski-damping system. The ski contains a ceramic piezo plate at the front and back of the ski that converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy. That means the vibrations generated during skiing are absorbed. With the EMC, the ski constantly adapts to the terrain and ensures that you can perform at a high level all day long.

Graphene is an unrivalled light and strong material. With the use of Graphene, Head is able to make strong skis without affecting the weight.

Race Structured Uhm C Base
The highest quality, fastest base and finish known to man. The technicians who build the skis for our World Cup Rebels use the same material and machines to put this scary fast base and structure into your skis.

PRD 12 GW 

The PRD 12 GW binding delivers stability and durability through its PowerRail technology. Enjoy easy handling, flexibility, and top-tier performance with GripWalk compatibility. With a DIN from 3.5 to 12, the PRD 12 GW is suitable for a wide range of skiers.

Protector PR 13 GW 

The Protector PR 13 GW bindings offers even more protection due to the Full Heel Release technology. The Full Heel Release technology significantly reduces release forces in forward and backward twisting falls. The intelligent 180° heel release minimizes knee stress in both horizontal and vertical directions, decreasing the risk of knee injuries. This binding innovation is for all piste skiers, whether young or old, beginner or advanced. The DIN range from 4 - 13 ensures the Protector PR 13 GW is suitable for a wide range of skiers.

Technical Details Head Supershape E-Magnum
Tip width(mm)129129129129129
Waist width(mm)7272727272
Tail width(mm)111111111111111
Radius - Sidecut(m)9.810.811.913.114.3
Weight per ski(g)xxx2170x