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Faction Prodigy 3X 23/24

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More Information
Ski dimensions 133-106-125
Turn Radius 15m @ 164cm

Quick overview

The Faction Prodigy 3X is a ski that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, in almost any conditions. The ski is intuitive, perfectly balanced and stable. Its 106 mm waist is highly usable in both packed and soft conditions, making the Prodigy 3 a true one quiver option. With Surf Zones and an Elliptical Sidecut, the ski is user-friendly an an ideal option for the avid skier looking to progress in nature’s finest playground.


Rocker Camber Rocker
The ski is easy to turn thanks to a rise in both the tip and the tail. Due to the camber under the foot, the waist of the ski provides grip on harder snow. Skis with this type of profile like to be skied from a more centred stance..

Directional Shape
The tip in this ski is softer than the tail. This makes it easy to turn, while the stiffer tail provides stability and control when steering the turn.

Twin Tip Shape
The ski has a tip on both sides to help with backwards skiing and easy tail release.

Elliptical Sidecut
Elliptical Sidecut is made up of a longer radius underfoot and shorter radii in the tip and tail of the ski. The long radius underfoot means you can pivot faster and easier, while a shorter radius in the tip and tail result in easier turn initiation. This sidecut allows for a wide variety of turn lengths, angles and mounting

The core consists of specifically selected wood types that are laminated in different compositions into a solid core. This gives the designers control over all the characteristics of the ski.

Sidewall Construction
A PU layer that seals the layered ski construction on the side and adds strength. Skis with a sidewall construction are generally more stable at speed, livelier and more durable.

Faction Mounting Guide
The Faction Collective mounting point recommendation: a subtle difference in mounting position can greatly enhance your skiing experience.

Newschool +3cm: you crave a playful ski for twin-tip-inspired riding.

Progressive +1,5: awesome versatility, carving & slashing, best of both worlds.

Classic offers optimal carving prowess and flotation in deep snow.

Technical Details Prodigy 3X

ModelProdigy 3X
Tip width(mm)133133133
Waist width(mm)106106106
Tail width(mm)125125125
Radius - Sidecut(m)151719
Weight per ski(g)175018401910