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Exped MegaMat Auto

Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

The Exped MegaMat Auto is mega large, mega comfortable, mega warm and it fits perfectly between the wheel arches of your car, camper van or camper. The ultimate mat for camping in your favorite four-wheeler.

The MegaMat Auto was originally designed for camping in a Tesla, currently the only car with a camp mode. But this T-shaped MegaMat also fits perfectly in your car, camper van or camper.

The 3D construction ensures the biggest possible sleeping surface. Where other mats are tapered at the edges, the MegaMat is also flat at the sides. This way you cannot roll off the mattress. The MegaMat Auto features a 10 cm core of open-cell foam. This not only provides the best sleeping comfort, but also ideal insulation from below. The soft stretch polyester surface creates a cradling comfort. The seams are high-frequency welded and therefore extremely durable.

The mat is self-inflating and comes with a mini pump to inflate the mat a little harder. It is also equipped with separate valves for inflating and deflating the mat. This way you can easily squeeze the last air out of the mat and it will not fill up with air again when you let go of the mat. The valves are flat so they cannot damage the mat itself or the tent canvas.

Exped calculates and measures all CO2 emissions from production and transport and finances certified CO2 compensation projects for this product. 


  • Ideally shaped to fit in the back of the car or camper
  • 10 cm of open-cell foam for comfort and warmth
  • Innovative 3D construction for biggest possible sleeping surface
  • Soft upper material creates a cradling comfort
  • Self-inflating
  • Very thick yet compact to store due to horizontally perforated foam
  • Supplied Mini Pump to inflate the mattress harder for more support
  • Extra large blow-out valve to quickly empty the mat
  • Sidewinder Bag for compact and easy storage
  • Supplied complete including: Mini Pump, stuff sack, repair kit and manual 

Exped MegaMat Duo 10 M LW+ Queen Auto
R-value 8.1
Thickness (cm) 10.0
Width (cm) 104 132 152 104 / 132
Length (cm) 183 197 203 197
Weight (grams) 3340 4630 5390 3855
Inflation type Self inflation / Mini Pump
Insulation material 16 kg/m³ PU foam, Oeko-Tex® 100 certified
Packed dimensions (cm) 56x28 70x30 80x30 70x30
Intended use Base camping