Esbit Stainless Steel Cookset + Burner

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Quick overview

The compact Esbit Stainless Steel Cookset + burner is a true all-rounder. Prepare your food or boil water with this cooking set. The cooking set contains two pans with heat-resistant handles, a stable stand, and an alcohol burner.

The idea of the Esbit Cookset is: a light and compact way to boil water or to heat up (ready-to-eat) meals. With the alcohol burner or a fuel tablet, you can prepare your food or drink in no time.


  • Made of extremely light, hard anodized aluminum
  • Pots without non-stick-coating
  • Compact cook set
  • Small pots can also be used as lid
  • Flame regulator of the burner with fold-away handle for the convenient killing of the flame
  • The set can be stacked into each other
  • Large pot with volume indicator in liter/oz
  • With convenient mesh bag


  • Packed size: 128 x 147 mm
  • Weight: 430 g
  • Volume: 985 ml


The Stand is a separate part of the cooking set. The Stand has four legs for stability and air vents for oxygen. You can put the stand in the cooking pan for transport. 

Made of anodized aluminum. Has a volume indicator in ml and oz. The Pot has heat-resistant folding handles.

Can be used as a lid or as an extra pot. The lid has heat-resistant folding handles.

Mesh bags
Includes a mesh bag separate for the Stand, and one extra mesh bag for the whole Cookset