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Esbit Solid Fuel Cookset 585ml

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Quick overview

If weight is important, the Esbit Solid Fuel Cookset 585ml is a good choice. The cooking set weighs a total of 223g and the packed size is 11cm x 8cm. The heat-resistant handles can be unfolded to hold the cooking pot and can be folded compactly for transport. The cooking pot has a content indicator on the inside.

The idea of the Esbit Cookset is: a light and compact way to boil water or to heat up (ready-to-eat) meals. With a fuel tablet, you can prepare your food or drink in no time. The advantage of an Esbit fuel tablet is that it is compact, light, highly flammable, reaches temperature in a short time, and burns for a long time. Fuel tablet not included.


  • Made of extremely light, hard anodized aluminum
  • Pot without non-stick-coating
  • Compact cookset with a very small pack size
  • Ideal for short trips for cooking water (e.g. for beverages or convenience food) and for heating up dishes and beverages
  • The pot has a capacity indicator in ml and oz
  • With folding handles
  • With convenient meshbag
  • Including lid and stand
  • Practical hanger for lid


  • Weight: 223 g
  • Volume: 585 ml
  • Size Packed: 111mm x 86mm


The Stand is a separate part of the cooking set. The Stand has four legs for stability and air vents for oxygen. You can put the stand in the cooking pan for transport. The stand has a Solid Fuel Tablet holder. Tablet not included.

Made of anodized aluminum. Has a volume indicator in ml and oz. The Pot has heat-resistant folding handles.

The lid has a practical collapsible carrier. The lid has another advantage up its sleeve: a hook on the base of the lid so that the lid can easily be suspended from the edge of the pot. 

Mesh bags
Includes a mesh bag separate for the Stand, and one extra mesh bag for the whole Cookset