DPS Kaizen 112 23/24

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More Information
Ski dimensions 140-112-127
Turn Radius 15m @ 184cm

Quick overview

The DPS Kaizen 112 is made to make powder skiing easier and more fun for thousands of skiers around the world. With its 15m turn radius, this ski offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing for effortless pivoting, slarving, and slashing in any chosen direction. Its deep tip rocker and taper provide outstanding float, even in tight tree runs, while the lowered tail rocker enhances edge engagement on firmer snow, generating a lively and energetic feel when exiting turns.


Rocker Camber Rocker
The ski is easy to turn thanks to a rise in both the tip and the tail. Due to the camber under the foot, the waist of the ski provides grip on harder snow. Skis with this type of profile like to be skied from a more centred stance..

DPS Rocker Profile
These skis are nimble, forgiving, and floaty. They offer the versatility to swiftly adapt your turns, enjoy playful meadow skipping, and effortlessly maneuver through narrow tree passages. With their 15m turning radius, ample tip and tail rocker, and taper, they provide excellent maneuverability, enabling the tip to effortlessly navigate any obstacles.

The core consists of specifically selected wood types that are laminated in different compositions into a solid core. This gives the designers control over all the characteristics of the ski.

Carbon is added as a reinforcement to the core. Carbon is light, strong and durable.

Sidewall Construction
A PU layer that seals the layered ski construction on the side and adds strength. Skis with a sidewall construction are generally more stable at speed, livelier and more durable.

Technical Details DPS Kaizen 112

Tip width(mm)138139140140141
Waist width(mm)112112112112112
Tail width(mm)122124125127129
Radius - Sidecut(m)1515151515
Weight per ski(g)15051670182519202080