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Deeluxe TeamID Lara 23/24

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Type: Snowboardboot

Quick overview

As versatile as it is dependable, the Deeluxe TeamID Lara is a freestyle fiend. With a mid-soft flex and clean design, this freestyle boot is perfect for riders who want out-of-the-box comfort but still demand support. Equipped with L3 lacing—Deeluxe their most advanced and versatile speed lacing system—the TeamID Lara offers enhanced heel hold and exceptional board control. Its grippy Skate Flex sole further improves board feel. For a truly custom fit, the TeamID Lara features DEELUXE’s Stage 3 liner and Freestyle Tongue. And thanks to their new designs, the boot’s tongue handle and Power Strap make it easier than ever to slip on the TeamID and adjust its fit. It’s no wonder that the TeamID Lara has quickly become the boot of choice among DEELUXE team riders.



The Deeluxe TeamID Lara has a flex of 5. Thanks to this mid-soft flex, this freestyle boot is perfect for riders who want out-of-the-box comfort but still demand support. The Freestyle Tongue is the perfect choice for riders who view the entire mountain as their playground. Armed with a classic appearance and medium padding, it offers a precise boot-to-binding interface and effectively transmits power while also enhancing dampening. And to enable you to further tailor your boot’s flex to your riding style, it sports a single-position pocket for an optional Flex Booster. Inspired by skate shoes, the Skate Flex sole is super grippy and offers an enhanced board feel. There is a reinforced panel (Backbone) that cradles the back of the boot to maximize durability and enhance response.

  • Flex: 6
  • Skate flex 
  • Freestyle Tongue
  • Backbone


When it’s time to elevate your game, lace up with DEELUXE’s Stage 3 liner. To maximize comfort and performance, it sports a design inspired by DEELUXE’s legendary Thermo Flex liner, which previously served as the gold standard in snowboarding for ther-momoldable boots. Raising the bar even higher, the Stage 3 liner offers an excellent fit straight out of the box and can easily be thermomolded at your local DEELUXE dealer for a truly custom fit. For enhanced comfort, the liner also features a roomier toe box with a four-way-stretch material that can be thermomolded with or without toe caps. And to further boost performance, the liner’s external heel harness cradles your foot to provide exceptional heelhold and quick and secure lacing. Drop in and never look back with DEELUXE’s Stage 3 liner. Thermo block ensures that your feet stay warm and dry.

  • Stage 3 Liner (S3)
  • Thermo block
  • Flex Booster


The boot uses L3 lacing. L3 Lacing is Deeluxe their most advanced and versatile speed lacing system provides three different lacing zones using two clasps and two handles. One handle allows the boot to cradle your foot and calf while the other handle secures the ankle and heel. Thanks to these separate zones, the boot anchors your heel for a refined fit that enhances energy transmission. The Power Strap provides extra support for your shin to enhance your boot’s response.

  • L3 Lacing
  • Power Strap
  • Girl Power Handles


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