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Augment PC 172cm B-Choice 21/22 + Warden 11 Demo

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Quick overview

Augment PC 172 + Warden 11 Demo

Used for testing purposes in good conditions
The skis are in good condition. Waxed and sharpened.

Bindings can be adjusted to fit any boot size.


Snowcountry Second Choice skis.

We sell second choice skis in 4 categories. All skis are sold with their regular product warranty. For any questions regarding a specific second chance product, please contact our customer service.

B-Grade skis can contain cosmetic defects and small production discrepancies. All of these defects are cosmetical and the skis are technically 100%

C-Grade skis have transport damage, scratches on base or top sheet, or other small defects. The skis might need some attention but have full warranty.

Drilled skis are drilled for a binding. The skis are new. The holes from the binding are professionally filled and the ski can be mounted trouble-free with a new binding of your choosing.

Demo skis are used skis for testing purposes. They are in a good state and well serviced.