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Atomic Strive 12 GW

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Ski Binding range 4-12
Ski binding type alpine/normal
Ski Boot Sole Compatibility Alpine, Grip Walk
Intented Use Alpine, Freeride

Quick overview

Experience the capabilities of the Atomic Strive 12 GW bindings, featuring an ultra low-profile toe piece that effectively lowers the center of gravity. This innovative design elevates a skier's power, control, and response by enhancing sensitivity to the terrain. By allowing the ski and slope characteristics to shine, these bindings optimize your performance, resulting in a superior day on the slopes. With the Strive 12, you can unlock your true skiing potential and enjoy an exceptional skiing experience like never before.


This toe piece boasts an ultra-low center of gravity highlighted by an extra-wide pedal and neutral stance, so you can feel the terrain and control your skis. A super-wide toe pedal (>60mm) ensures the best lateral power transmission from skier to ski.

Low profile Chassis
Low stand height for increased terrain feedback and enhanced power transmission.

Glass-Fiber PA
Made from a dedicated polyamide, reinforced with fiberglass, which makes bindings lighter, durable, and with more tolerance on skis.

Gripwalk Compatible
The binding is Gripwalk compatible and automatically adjusts to both Alpine and GripWalk boots, so you can enjoy walking comfort without compromising power transmission and precise binding release.