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Weston Backcountry Ridgeline Split 23/24

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Weight class 3.0kg - 3.5kg
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Quick overview

Go big or go home! The Weston Ridgeline Splitboard is your versatile all-mountain board with freeride roots. It is a directional with horizontal stringers under the bindings, stringers from tip to tail and a V in de back. This gives you a load of respons, edge-to-edge transitions and hard charging capabilities. Directional camber between the bindings and a fair amount of setback makes it easy to skin up and nimble enough to ride those epic chutes . For those who charge hard and ride anything.



  • Directional Multi Radial Camber-Rocker
    A gradual increase from the nose to a more agressive camber radius in the tail. This provides better pop, dampening on drops and control on bigger lines.


  • Split Conqueror Wood Core
    This is a big mountain split-core with paulownia, poplar and bamboo. Added are vertical laminates of carbon to provide weight savings, response, dampening and durability.


  • Carbon Tip & Tail
    Carbon fiber runs from the inserts to the tip and tail. This gives extra pop to your ollies and turns, while the center of the board remains flexible.

  • Tri-axe Glass
    Multi-axis, stitched fiberglass laminate. This laminate offers a precise and responsive ride in any ­terrain or snow conditions.


  • Sintered 4001
    Fast ride, more durable, good wax retention.



  • Rugged Topsheet
    Polymide is eco friendly and made from castor beans. The topsheet is durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs.


  • PU Sidewalls
    Highly durable sidewall that also provides added dampening.


  • Karakoram Ultra Clips
    ULTRA clips are the strongest, lowest profile splitboard clips in the world. They deliver unmatched compression between board halves and they are adjustable so you can maintain even compression as your splitboard ages.

  • Split Tech
    Weston doesn't skimp on their splits. You'll see a full inner metal edge, complete with sidewall and dampening tape. When facing a kick-turn on a steep slope, you want all the help you can get - that's why Weston balances their splits so that they are tail heavy.


Weston Backcountry Ridgeline Split 23/24Sizechart
Size 158 162 162W 166W
Effective Edge (mm) 1220 1250 1250 1280
Tip Width (mm) 304 310 322 327
Waist Width (mm) 256 262 273 276
Tail Width (mm) 295 301 313 318
Sidecut Radius (m) 9.9 ​/ 8 ​/ 7.7 ​/ 9 10 ​/ 8.1 ​/ 7.8 ​/ 9.1 10 / 8.1 / 7.8 / 9.1 10.2 ​/ 8.3 ​/ 8 ​/ 9.3
Stance Setback (mm) 20 20 20 20
Rider Weight (lbs) 125 - 185 145 - 205 160 - 220 180 - 240​+
Width Regular Regular Wide Wide