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Voile Mtn Plate DS

Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

Hardboot splitboarding is back, and it’s here to stay. The Voile Mtn Plate DS is specifically utilized for hardboots. The uncompromising fit combined with the new Mtn Plate will result in a unmatched boot-to-board connection.


The series of Mtn Plate bindings feature the familiar simplicity and durability of Voile's legacy offerings, with the inclusion of all-new micro-adjustable heel and toe pads. The rotation-locked t-nuts will also be a welcomed upgrade, alongside a moulded urethane lanyard that will never kink or fray.

Available in three options to meet various needs, the new Mtn Plate is a system worthy of renewed praise.

This Descent model includes an aluminum slider pin for downhill riding (the aluminum slider pin is intended for downhill use only).

DOES NOT INCLUDE Touring Bracket or Dual Climbing Heels, installation guide can be found here.