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Vans Verse Range Edition x Bryan Iguchi 22/23

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Type: Splitboardboot

Quick overview

The Vans Verse Range Edition x Bryan Iguchi is the upgraded version of the Verse and is intended to be a functional and reliable addition to your backcountry toolkit. Designed to support overland adventures and uphill travel, the Verse Range Edition’s Adaptive Range Mode features a Rear Drop-Cuff that can be unlocked to widen the top opening of the boot for a significantly expanded range of motion. Skinning a switchback, punching up for quick pow scores, ripping the snowmobile deep into the hills, or just going for a good old-fashioned hike — the Verse Range Edition gets you there with less effort and more protection.



The functional objective of Adaptive Range Mode is to widen the opening of the snowboard boot to allow for a  more natural gait and extended range of motion on overland adventures or commuting uphill travel. Whether on a splitboard, approach skis, or just going for a good old-fashioned walk for that fresh line, disengaging the Ride Mode strap opens the Rear Drop-Cuff and two-way stretch gore, providing significantly more calf articulation. This allows for longer strides and subsequently less wasted energy.

The V3 SuperEnduro outsole is  designed to offer maximum  performance in and out of  your bindings. Multi-directional  tread design? Surface-level  texturing? A TPU toe pick? Check, check, and check. There’s no keeping up with this all-terrain apex predator.

The boot also includes the Verse Waterproof Breathable Valves on the inside, which are two small vents that let out air while preventing your feet from getting wet from the snow.
The Flex Control System is a new addition to the boot. These are two tongue stiffeners that allow you to adjust the flexibility of the boot. You can leave them both in for a stiffer boot or take them both out for a more playful boot. This boot can be adjusted exactly to match your riding style for the day.
The boot features an asymmetrical flex zone that gives your ankles room for a more natural flex. Strapped in or out.

  • Adaptive range mode
  • Outsole: V3 Waffle Superenduro outsole with All-trac cold weather rubber compound
  • Molded toe / heel protection
  • Waterproof, breathable valves
  • Flex control system
  • Asymmetrical Flex zone


The boot features the luxurious V3 UltraCush liner. This liner was developed in collaboration with The North Face. The Flashdry technology ensures that moisture is kept outside and dries quickly when wet. The forefoot zone is made of neoprene, which allows for freedom during boarding. An X-Cage is also added to the back of the heel of the liner to ensure that your heel stays in place, even during the more heavy-duty footwork. The liner is fitted with a V3 PopCush Footbed that provides stability under the foot but allows torsional flexibility. The back of the liner has a PleasureCuff, which is a soft cushion that is comfortable and provides support. No more sore calves.
An Instep Flex Zone has been created around the ankle, allowing for a natural ankle flex in your boot.

  • Liner: V3 Range edition Ultracush with TNF Flashdry liner
  • Footbed: V3 Popcush footbed
  • Pleasurecuff
  • Instep flex zone - BOA Specific


This boot is equipped with the BOA Custom Focus system along with a Custom Slide Guide. The BOA Custom Focus system consists of two dials you can twist to tighten your boot in specific places. It can be fully customized to your foot. The Custom Slide Guide is a mechanism that tightens your heel the moment you tighten the lower zone. Slide the Custom Slide Guide wherever you like and tighten your BOA. You will feel the heel hold immediately.
The BOA system is covered with a Waterproof Zipper Shroud + D Ring, designed to keep snow out of your boot. You do not need to think twice about diving into the deepest pow with this boot. If you really want to make sure your feet do not get wet, you can attach your trousers to the metal D ring.
The PowerCuff Strap ensures excellent responsiveness while you are carving those turns.

  • BOA Custom focus plus with custom slide guide
  • Waterproof Zipper shroud + D-Ring
  • Powercuff strap


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