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Union Charger 22/23

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Quick overview

Union Charger’s pinless dual lock system allows for fast and easy transitions with the flip of a lever. Less time in transition means more time spent riding. Lift the lever in the binding and position the binding on the disk at a 90 degree angle. Then turn the baseplate and finally lock the binding, this unique process eliminates the pin, works faster with less slack.
One of the most complete binding set-ups on the market. With a nice pouch for all materials. Included are quiver disks for transitioning your binding to your solid and a much needed splitboard strap. 
You can now Charge your home resort and it's backcountry with the flip of a lever.



The SP3 Duraflex CB Baseplate has a new mechanism. Simply rotate the binding into place, push the rear lever down, and you're ready to ride. Union's all-new dual lock system is the future of splitboard binding technology. Besides this new mechanism, the baseplate also features carbon which has the best weight-performance ratio.
The Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcup is designed for optimum heel hold and minimization of drag, Union 3D Extruded Aluminum heelcups are the strongest in the business.
The new Astro ankle washer prevents heelcup slippage on binding models that only feature a single heelcup screw.
The EXP3 Duraflex ST Highback has two separate layers to help provide response and flexibility when you need it. Quickly transition from touring mode to ride mode with the flip of a lever.

  • SP3 - Duraflex CB Baseplate
  • Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcup w/ Astro Washer
  • EXP3 - Duraflex ST Highback
  • Split Flad 3.0 adjustibility


The Full Bottom Thermoformed EVA Bushing system allows for natural canting, incredible vibration dampening and a surfy feel. 
The Fused Vaporlite Non-stick gas pedals shed water and snow like nothing you’ve experienced before. Gone are the days of icy build-up under your boots.
The Exoframe 5.0 utilizes tri-axial progressive flex for the perfect boot to binding fit and instant power and response when you’re ready to lay down a hard charging, high speed carve. Easily adjust your ankle strap to any boot with the quick snap of the pin adjustment, no tools needed. Just like all Union ankle straps, the Exofame series comes with the safety and security of DuPont™ Hytrel®, so you never miss a day of riding.
Freezing temps, water damage and constant strapping and unstrapping all play a role in the longevity of a binding ratchet. Lucky for you, the all-new Magnesium 4.0 ratchets are Union’s answer to the elements. A fully intergraded spring protected from the harsh outside provide you with Union’s best ratchet to date. Longer life span and better spring return guaranteed.
Simple, lightweight, durable – The all-new TS 4.0+ toe strap keeps you locked in for the ride down without letting you know it’s there. A new shorter buckle base helps to reduce weight and pressure points. Easily adjust to any boot with the quick snap of the pin adjustment, no tools needed.

  • Bushing: Thermoformed EVA
  • Gas-Pedal: Non-Stick Gas Pedal
  • Ankle Strap: Exoframe 5.0
  • Toe Strap: Ts-4.0+


With zero room for a pin a in the center of the disk, the Charger split disk connection is now stronger than ever. A small notch in the rear split disk allows for the Chargers easy to use lever to lock you into place.
The buckles on both the toe and ankles strap are from Magnesium. This Union exclusive process produces a material four times the strength of aluminium with only half the weight. Easy in, easy out.

  • Grade 8.8 Steel hardware
  • Union Split Disk
  • Buckles: Magnesium S1 w/ Aluminum Base


  • Split Disk

An interface made for touring on your splitboard.

  • Quiver Disk

An extra interface to place on a solid. One binding, two boards.

  • Splitboard Strap

A strap to keep your board halves together.

  • Pouch

A neat storage bag to store all your hardware.


Union Men's Binding Sizechart
S 6 - 7.5 5 - 6.5 38 - 40.5 24.0 - 25.5
M 8 - 10 7 - 9 41 - 43 26.0 - 28.0
L 10.5+ 9.5+ 43.5+ 28.5+