THE Delta 23/24

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Profile Directional Rocker-Camber-Rocker
Style All-Mountain, Powder, Fun-carve
Shape Directional
Flex Medium
Snowboard Core Types Poplar, Paulownia, Beech, Spruce
Snowboard Additions Core Carbon, Kevlar, Basalt
Base Type Sintered +
Snowboard Binding Montage 2 x 4
Snowboard Fibers Core Biax / Triax
Snowboard Sidewall ABS

Quick overview

The rally rider in the collection! THE Delta, named after the legendary Lancia Delta rally car, will mark you as the king or queen of the mountain. It’s slightly wider, making it a stable board that turns easily. Thanks to its float this head-turner is suitable for slush and powder, but really THE Delta is a snowboard that can handle any underground. 



  • Pow Cam
    Pow Cam means camber between the bindings for stability and pop, a longer rocker nose for float and easy turn initiation and shorter rocker in the tail for energetic turn release. This profile gives THE board its all mountain versatility, excelling on steep and fast groomers and adventurous powder lines.


  • THE Edge Lift Technolgy
    The boards are 3D pressed with a subtle lift (max. 1.5mm) of the base and edges at the corners. This raises the contact-points just off the snow. With THE Edge Lift Technology, you’re less likely to catch edges when riding. This makes it easier to make turns with more natural turn initiation and exit, you’ll have a smoother ride, more fun to learn new tricks, and it provides extra floatation in the powder.



  • THE Goodwood Lite Core
    The Goodwood Lite Core comprises four different FSC certified woods: Beech, Paulownia, Poplar and Spruce. Beech is a hardwood that provides stiffness. Paulownia is very lightweight, but almost as strong as hardwood. Poplar wood is a highly sought-after material for snowboards. It’s semi-hard, strong and flexible. Flexible spruce grows comparatively fast, making it also the environmentally better choice. Goodwood Lite Core’s mix of woods provide boards stability and a perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility.



  • THE Triax Fiberglass
    A lightweight two- and three layer fiberglass wrap that provides strength. Fiberglass is a durable material that increases board life. Triax Fiberglass has 3 layers, the main one is woven lengthwise (0º) and the 2 additional layers are woven at 30º angles. This makes the board more energetic and delivers maximum power transfer to the edges. This lay-up will give increased confidence and control at higher speeds but sacrifices ease of turns at lower speeds.


  • Carbon-Kevlar-Basalt Stringers
    Titanal is a technical material that stores energy. A metal alloy that provides smoothness, great dampening, and stability to the board. When you spend long days on the mountain, your board bends and twists. Titanal has isotropic properties, so it keeps its strength even when it’s bent in another direction. Your board’s movements create energy that is stored in the Titanal Volt Plates. This creates an energy archive that’s released slowly. Resulting in a natural feeling of stability and smoothness.


  • THE Biax Fiberglass
    A lightweight two- and three layer fiberglass wrap that provides strength. Fiberglass is a durable material that increases board life. Biax Fiberglass is woven lengthwise (0º) and at a 90º angle with the board, providing longitudinal stiffness with torsional forgiveness, for a stable and smooth feeling and easy turning.



  • THE Graphite Carbon Sintered Base - Recycled
    The Graphite Carbon Sintered Base layer is made from crushed polyethylene pellets and pieces of carbon and graphite. By crushing them under high pressure, rather than melting, tiny gaps or pores are created. The finished product is a superstrong, lightweight, and porous base. The porousness holds wax better and longer. Carbon and graphite additives make this base super-fast gliding too.



  • THE ABS Sidewalls - Recycled
    Nobody likes plastic, but it’s the most durable option that provides great edge control qualities and is also super durable against impact. THE Boards Company makes the sustainable choice by working with recycled ABS only.


  • THE Multi-Grip Technology
    Multi-Grip technology means extra contact points on the heel- and toe sides for extra grip in icy conditions. Think of it as snow-chains on your car tires. But Multi-grip technology is extremely subtle at just under 1mm bumps on the edges underneath your binding areas. It’s almost invisible to the naked eye and unnoticeable in softer snow, but it results in smooth rides with extra grip in harder snow.



  • THE Pow Savers
    Pow Savers are extra inserts to set your bindings back and to transform your board into a powder board. When using the Pow Savers, your board’s nose will be longer and the tail shorter, meaning it’s much easier lifting the nose.



THE Delta 22/23 Sizechart
Size (cm) 150 155
Effective Edge (mm) 1140 1180
Tip Width (mm) 312 322
Waist Width (mm) 263 270
Tail Width (mm) 295 305
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.2 7.4
Stance Setback (in) 25 25
Width Regular Regular
Recommended weight (kg) 59 – 88 68 – 98 +
Shoesize min/max MONDO 24,5 – 31 25,5 – 31,5