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Stranda Fjäderlätt + Skins 23/24

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Weight class 2.5kg - 3.0kg
Supplied accessories Skins

Quick overview

The Stranda Descender Fjäderlätt is an ultra lightweight splitboard. For the one’s not familiar with the swedish language, Fjäderlätt means featherlight, and lives up to his name. It’s a split targeting big mountain touring where lowest possible weight in combination with a stiffer flex is essential. The Descender racking up none less than four “editors choice/selection” awards. And this is his ultra leight weight brother. Descender Fjäderlätt is a directional freeride board with enough tail to allow for switch landings and with enough power to charge big lines, has no speed limit and is aiming for best in class performance.



  • Low Camber
    The centre of the board is raised 6mm. Camber gives the board it's edge-hold and stability at high speed.

  • Low Tip and Tail Rocker
    Both the tip and tail have a slight rocker. Ripping in powder, without losing grip on hard pack.

  • Power Bumps
    At the height of the inserts there are slight bulges in the edge. This gives you extra edge hold on hard pack.

  • Taper
    The nose is wider than the tail. This causes the board to sink at the back. This brings the nose up and that's exactly what you want in powder.

  • Setback
    Setback puts you further behind on your board. The weight transfer to the rear reduces fatigue in your back leg when riding powder. In addition, setback helps when carving to compensate for your forward turn initiation.


  • Paulownia/Ash/Alu Core
    Stranda uses Paulownia to keep this board extremely light. In addition, Paulownia is a strong type of wood. Ash wood is quite flexible and therefore easily dampens vibrations. In addition, the board holds its camber longer. The vertical aluminum stringers provide extra strength and keep the board light.


  • Triax Carbon Weave
    Three-way woven fiberglass combined with carbon. This provides unmatched torsional stiffness and pop in the board.


  • Flax Dampers
    A layer of flax has been applied at the height of the inserts. This ensures that vibrations are damped.


  • 5930 Sintered Graphite Electra
    Black graphite infused sintered base for maximized glide, durability and easy repair.



  • 4 Year Warranty
    Stranda know their boards are well made. That's why they offer a 4-year warranty.


  • Phantom Hooks
    This splitboard is equipped with Phantom clips and hooks.

  • Splitboard Inserts
    Provide a wide stance range, while at the same time delivering critical micro adjustability.

  • Fjäderlätt Climbing Skins
    Stranda pre cut climbing skins with all hardware needed, they just goes straight on to your Descender Fjäderlätt withou trimming. The skins are not just color coded yellow but with new tech – Fiberseal and Smartglue. The mix of mohair and nylon was developed for lightness and a long life span. A balanced combination of excellent grip conditions and gliding. The new Smart Glue technology which allows a perfect grip even in very cold temperatures. It also allows the skins to stick together and to be removed effortlessly.



Stranda Fjäderlätt 23/24 Sizechart
Size (cm) 161 162W 166
Effective Edge 1222 1224 1298
Tip Width (mm) 299 308 311
Waist Width (mm) 259 269 260
Tail Width (mm) 289 299 291
Sidecut 8.9 9.1 9.3
Setback 20 20 24
Cent. Stance 57 57 58
Stance width 47-67 47-67 50-66