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Samaya Vestibule3.0 grey

Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

The Samaya Vestibule3.0 is a removable vestibule that increases the surface area of you Samaya3.0 tent by more than 40% while only weighing 850 grams. This is an opportunity to create a perfect kitchenette and protect your belongings in winter conditions where it is important to maximise comfort inside the tent. 

  • Weight: 850 g
  • Dimensions (floor): 150x100 cm
  • Packed size: 45x8 cm


The Vestibule3.0 is designed for users who want to optimise the comfort of their advanced base camp shelter. It gives you 1.7 m² of additional covered area and weighs 850 grams with a folded volume of 2.5 litres. This 30D Nylon 66 High Tenacity vestibule guarantees a very good durability of your equipment as well as 3000 mm waterproofing. Once assembled, you can store your gear comfortably outside the chamber. Its two side pockets also allow you to compartmentalise your equipment which is not afraid of humidity. Adaptable to your Samaya3.0, this large canopy can only be taken along when you feel it is necessary.

Samaya  Vestibule3.0
Minimum weight (g) 850
Packed weight (g) 865
Floor dimensions (cm) 150x100
Surface area (m²) 1,7
Height (cm) 130
Internal volume (m³) 1
Packed size (cm) 45x8
Packed volume (L) 2,5
Seasons 4
Pole DAC FeatherLite PL 10,65 mm
Wall waterproofness (mm) 3,000
Seams 100% waterproof
Fabric 100% Nylon 66 High Tenacity 30D