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Rome Guild 22/23

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More Information
Flex Medium
Style All-mountain
Compatible with Burton Channel Yes
Binding System Straps

Quick overview

With the Rome Vice, versatility comes naturally. The surfy feeling of the Asym wrap, good fit of the UltraLight Ankle Straps with the medium flex highback you can enjoy anywhere. Fits great on boards like the Artifact. Freestyle minded, All mountain Tweakability.



The AsymWrap Fixed Heel Hoop only runs under the ball of the foot on the inside of the foot. This asymmetrical design ensures a natural flex of the board underfoot.
The asymmetrical Nylon highback gives this workhorse a high level of heel response.
Rome's highbacks and baseplates are made of up a variety of combined materials. These composites are all designed to flex differently and provide different levels of response and tweakability.

  • Baseplate: Asymwrap (70% nylon, 30% fiberglass)
  • Heelcup: Aluminum
  • Highback: 100% Nylon Highback (100% nylon)


The AuxTech Proflex Ankle Straps and ProGrip Toe Straps are very stretchable and cover your boot in an unprecedented way. The open structure and geometric figures evenly distribute the pressure on your boot, ensuring a good grip. The strap is made out of a single piece, which makes it durable.

  • Ankle strap: Auxtech Proflex Ankle Strap
  • Toestrap: Auxtech Progrip Toe Strap


The binding is equipped with a PivotMount, a metal spindle that pulls the ankle strap according to the boot shape and the tension on the strap. The higher the strap, the more responsiveness; the lower it is, the more feeling and movement it provides.
The highback can be rotated and canted.
Highback Canting is built so that riders can adjust the angle of their highback to mirror the angle of their lower leg for increased connection and stability.
The baseplate can be shifted, and the disc allows a large range.

Rome's BombProof Buckles are a one-piece forged aluminum construction for better grip and durability. Built with wider stance teeth area for more engagement, this makes for easier ratcheting and increased protection from wear and tear to your ladder straps.

Rome's bindings feature FastEntry Technology for super quick and easy entry into the binding. The pre-curved ladder on the ankle and toe straps are designed to pop open and help keep the straps out of your way while getting your boot into the binding. Strap in faster and easier thanks to FastEntry!

This binding is equipped with a 4x4 disc by default and is compatible with all standard insert patterns (as well as the Burton channel).

  • Disc: 4x4 disc
  • Adjustment: PivotMount Technology, Highback Rotation, Highback Canting & Baseplate Shifting, Bombproof Buckles, Fast Entry Ladders


Rome Womens Bindings 22/23 Sizechart
Small 6.5 - 8.5 36.5 - 39 23 - 25
M/L 9 - 11.5 40 - 43 25.5 - 28
L/XL 12 - 14 44 - 46 28.5 - 30.5