Ortovox Avabag Litric Zero 27

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Quick overview

The Ortovox Avabag Litric Zero is the purist in the Litric line and, with its 1,970 gram total weight, focuses only on the essentials: minimal weight with the maximum safety. This is an avalanche airbag backpack for ski tourers who want to keep it as light as possible, but don't want to go without an avalanche airbag. The Litric electric airbag system is extremely light, easy to use and offers the highest possible safety (among other things) thanks to the multiple activations option.

With its volume of 27 liters, it offers enough packing space for touring trips and is equipped with all the important features, such as attachment options for skis, ice axes and poles, compatibility with hydration systems, compression straps, a clear safety compartment and a helmet harness. Even the back system is extra light without compromising comfort. For ski tour fans who want to keep it as light as possible and still enjoy maximum safety!


Developed by Arc'teryx and Ortovox, the LiTRIC is the first electronic airbag system to combine the benefits of two worlds: the lightness of a mechanical system with the usability of an electronic system. From the trigger and LED display to the airbag packing and leg loop, everything has been carefully thought out and is very easy to operate.

The LiTRIC airbag system contains super capacitors and despite being an electrical system is, an ultra-light airbag, at about 1,080 grams LiTRIC is one of the lightest airbag systems on the market. In 25 minutes this electric system is fully charged via a USB-C charger and with one charge the airbag can be activated 2 times. The operating time is 60 hours when on (30 days when off) which allows for multi-day trips without recharging. Fly all over the world with the LiTRIC airbag. With its super capacitor, the LiTRIC not only has more storage space but also no travel restrictions!


Weight LiTRIC : about 1080 g

Air volume 150l

Battery lithium-ion: 3.7v, 2000mah, 7.4wh

The airbag can be quickly stowed without folding instruction

USB-C connector

Single on/off switch

Fully charged in 25 minutes

Automated power control

Fully charged and switched on: 2 activations within approx. 60h

Simple and clear LED display

Fully charged and switched off: ready for use for approx. 30 days

No travel restrictions

Permissible temperature for activation: -30°c to 45°c

Warranty: 2 years, 5 years upon registration

Permissible charging temperature: -20°c to 45°c

Certification: EN 16716: 201

Service life: 50 activations

Production: 100% in Bavaria, Germany



  • Volume: 27L
  • Weight: 1970 g
  • Fabric weight: 130 g/m2
  • Water column: 1500 mm
  • Material: 87 % polyamide 6.6 and 13 % dyneema
  • Foldable and height-adjustable trigger
  • Compatible with hydration systems, drinking tube can be routed via the shoulder strap
  • Attachment for ice axe and hiking poles
  • Safety leg strap Additional safety in the event of an avalanche. With a certified aluminum 7075 special carabine
  • D-Skifix diagonal ski strap
  • Removable helmet net.
  • Emergency card: more efficient treatment of injured people thanks to more information.
  • Bright colors on the inside of the bag make it easier to find your equipment.
  • Map  compartment with key holder