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Ogso Orb Splitboard Skin 22/23

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Quick overview

Ogso Orb Splitboard specific skin, compatible with all Ogso splitboards.



  • Material: 100% Extruded Synthetic Filament Fiber
  • Skin color: Allover print
  • Adhesion: Glue-melt
  • Weight: 1,226gr/cm²


    Skins are made to grip. That is their initial purpose. It is conceivable that the angle at which the fibers protrude from the weaving fabric, effect in one direction the glide and in the opposite direction the grip. This permits a good skinner as well as the beginner skinner, to climb more steep and more safe. Good skinning is a magic art of balance, faith, and reading terrain, then on top with the ogso fiber angle that is applied on ORB and RAD you will be more efficient climbing the mountains.


    Your skins need to stay attached to your skis. It is the glue’s job to do that. Ogso skin glue-melt on wet conditions, high shear forces, repeated use. The OGSO skins glue extremely well, yet easy to place on the ski and easy to take off.


    The water-shut layer stops water penetration through the skin, and the smoothness of each single fibre lessens water assembly, therefore OGSO skins simply get less wet and dehumidification goes faster.


    Ogso weaves the fabric of the skins extremely compact and by using microfibers in both weft&warp, they achieve the highest density possible. This makes OGSO skins in comparision longer resistant to abrasion and at the same time they have more grip.


Ogso Orb Skin 22/23 Sizechart
Board size 154 158 162
Suitable skin size 154 158 162