Grüezi Bag Biopod DownWool Subzero 185 Black Edition

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Insulation Down
Comfort temperature 0° / 10°
Weight 1000 - 1250g

Quick overview

Spring through autumn is the best season for trekking, biking, backpacking and camping. The 3-season sleeping Grüezi bag Biopod DownWool Subzero is the ideal companion here. Its comfortably cut mummy shape makes it light and packs down small. The pillow compartment is also very practical; just put a fleece jacket in here, for example, and you have a pillow that doesn't slip while you sleep. The mummy sleeping bag has an innovative zipper that allows you to comfortably put your feet on top of the sleeping bag when it gets too warm.

A deep and restful sleep is especially important after an active day. That's why Grüezi bag® sleeping bags have a more comfortable cut, while paying attention to light weight and small packing volume.

A unique feature of DownWool® sleeping bags is their innovative insulation. DownWool® is natural insulation made from 70% down and 30% wool and combines the advantages of both natural materials: very good insulation and a pleasant feel-good climate.



Gruezi Bag Biopod Downwool Subzero  175 185 200
Comfort °C 2 °C
Limit °C -4 °C
Extreme °C -20 °C
Fill weight (grams) 446 g DownWool® 561 g DownWool®  600 g DownWool®
Weight (g) 900 g 1050 g 1250 g
Insulation material DownWool® consisting of 70% duck down (90/10 with 650+ cuin) and 30% refined wool
Up to bodysize <175 cm <185 cm <200 cm
Compressed Size 18x20 cm 20x23 cm 21x25 cm
Shape Mummy
Intended use Trekking & Camping


DownWool® insulation

The natural high-end DownWool® insulation is a mixture of 70% high-quality RDS-certified down, which ensures high insulation, and 30% wool from the Alpine region, which acts as a light, natural air conditioner. The combination is perfect. Nothing insulates like high-quality down. The 30% wool content absorbs moisture and keeps the down naturally drier. Down has a very high insulation performance with a low weight. However, down only insulates as long as it is dry and fluffy. With increasing humidity, the fine ramifications of the down collapse, which significantly reduces the insulating effect of the down. For this reason, the down is often treated with water-repellent agents. With DownWool®, this is made superfluous by adding the wool content, because wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture - without losing its insulating effect. Furthermore, the wool is very temperature-regulating and naturally creates a cozy and pleasant microclimate.

The result is a unique sleeping climate, which means that the temperature range in which you feel comfortable and sleep well in a DownWool® sleeping bag is particularly large. This makes DownWool® sleeping bags popular all-rounders.


  • Adjustable hood with face baffle: adapts perfectly to the shape of the head
  • Pillow compartment: If you slide a fleece jacket, for example, into the pillow compartment, the sleeping bag offers a non-slip pillow
  • 3D thermal collar: seals itself in the zip area
  • Drawstring pocket: So that the drawstring on the thermal collar does not get in the way, a simple drawstring pocket allows for safe storage
  • Inside & outside pocket: For valuables and things that you prefer to have close to you (inside pocket contains washing instructions)
  • Two-way autolock zip: With a wide insulating cover to keep the heat in
  • White zip: so you can find the zip more easily in the dark
  • Zipper retention tape with anti-snag zip: This makes it easier to open the zip without pinching
  • Innovative foot ventilation system: the feet can be comfortably placed on the top of the sleeping bag and the excess heat can escape
  • Feater loops: Thermal hip bag with heating element (Feater - The Feet Heater; not included) can also be installed
  • Chamber construction: H-Chambers, V-Shaped (on the upper side), pre-shaped foot area with several chambers
  • PFC-free: No perfluorinated chemicals are used