Grangers Active Wash 750ml

Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

The Grangers Active Wash 750ml is a high-performance wash-in cleaner designed to remove dirt, sweat and odours from all activewear. Comes in a 100% Recycled bottle, meaning you're helping to protect the world we all love to explore. With the concentrated formula, all you need is 30ml per washing load, to finally get rid of pesky lingering odours once and for all. Ideal for all materials such as Lycra, Cotton, Polyester and Merino wool, this product is a best friend for those of you who like to get sweaty. 


  • Removes stubborn dirt and odours.
  • Improves wicking properties.
  • Reduces kit drying times.
  • Effective at low-wash temperatures.
  • 100% Recycled bottle.

This solution is formulated to head straight for the bacteria that causes sweaty odours to linger. Unlike regular detergents, it doesn’t simply mask odours with perfumes and optical brighteners. It’s also gentle – working at low-wash temperatures.