Gentemstick Zephyr 160 22/23

Including V.A.T.
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Style Powder, Carve
Flex Medium/Stiff

Quick overview

The Zephyr is light and swift. It has been designed with minimum taper and a better, lighter weight balance at the nose. Even with 160cm in length, it provides improved controllability and handles tight tree sections with ease, and with its ample width, it generates plenty of float in deep powder. Whether in the powder or on the groomers, the tenacious carving performance of the double pin-tails combined with the state-of-the-art acceleration-camber will provide a slingshot acceleration at the end of each turn. Surprising and exhilarating; the Zephyr expands the joy of snowboarding.



  • Acceleration camber (set back camber) 4mm
  • Shape

The shaping is the most essential factor in board design. The beauty of snowboard design is to create an ideal three-dimensional curve resulting from a harmonizing outline, bottom-line and the actual warping of the board when riding it. GENTEMSTICK's commitment is to create a shape that allows a smooth and stable riding whether in powder or on packed snow. In order to realize this concept, we have adopted classical designs, such as swallowtails, which were already established in the '70s, and modern designs driven by our own experiences.


  • Wood

A full woodcore creates a natural flex and feel.

  • Soul

Having been involved in the snowboarding circle and its promotion for a long time, I could not help feeling awkwardness in the industry. It wasn’t hard for me to turn my back to the temptation and to return alone to the quiet mountain slopes where freedom reigned. When standing in a company’s meeting room or in front of the media with weird glimmer eyes, my thoughtful soul kept telling me to avoid the dangers. Whereas, on the slope, all I had to do is to be alert of the outstanding risks, trust my instinctive decisions and act upon it. I could just be and exist there, just as naturally as the birds circling above me, or as fish swimming along the river flow, and find the one real line to ride.


  • ISO sintered black

This board uses a ISO Sintered base for added speed.


  • Plastic / sandwich

Plastic topsheets provide the stifness and impact resistance of a normal topsheet while significantly reducing weight by decreasing the thickness of the topsheet material.


  • ABS / progressive

ABS plastic is one of the necessary evils of snowboard production. We improve the sustainability of our snowboards by using only recycled plastic.

  • Needs tuning

Gentemstick boards do not come factory tuned, which means they will need to properly tuned before riding.


 Gentemstick Zephyr 160 22/23 Sizechart
Length 1605mm
Running Length 1124mm
Effective Edge 1230mm
Nose 298 mm
Waist 258 mm
Tail 288 mm
Sidecut Radius 9800 mm
Setback 0.5 mm
Stance 515-595mm
Taper 5 mm
Sidecut Depth 20 mm
Camber 4 mm