Fischer RC4 Worldcup CT + Z13 FF 22/23

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Ski dimensions 113-65-98
Turn Radius 15.5m @ 175

Quick overview

The new RC4 Worldcup CT is straight from the Fischer racing lab. This ski can handle all kinds of turns, but it has to be at speed. This is the perfect piste racer for those looking for an athletic ski and love their speed.


The ski has a traditional pre-tensioning over almost its entire length. This shape makes it easy to build up pressure in the turns, creating good edge grip. Nowadays, nearly all Camber skis also have some sort of rocker in the tip to improve turn initiation.

The core consists of specifically selected wood types that are laminated in different compositions into a solid core. This gives the designers control over all the characteristics of the ski.

Sidewall construction
A PU layer that seals the layered ski construction on the side and adds strength. Skis with a sidewall construction are generally more stable at speed, livelier and more durable.

Carbon is added as a reinforcement to the core. Carbon is light, strong and durable.

Air Tec TI
The weight of the woodcore is reduced by 25%, without loosing bending and torsional stability. This is possible because of the special milling patern.
Depending on the field of use, the Air Tec core will be imporved by an Titanium reinforcement.