Deuter Alproof Lite 22 E2

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Quick overview

Deuter from its origin is a brand that makes high quality backpacks and this is reflected in the new Deuter Alproof Lite 22 E2 avalanche airbag. The avalanche backpack is combined with the Alpride E2 avalanche airbag system with the very latest supercapacitor technology, this system is reliable and works quickly and in all conditions, even during the coldest days.

The Deuter Alproof Lite 22 E2 is easy to use and features a quick and easy access pocket for your avalanche gear. Together with the Alpine system for carrying comfort and a snug fit, this ensures optimal control during backcountry skiing or snowboarding. A safety leg loop prevents you from losing the backpack in an avalanche, while a pocket for a helmet and several equipment loops allow you to use this TÜV certified backpack even high up in the mountains.


The new Alpride E2 Airbag System surpasses its predecessor (E1) and is a lot smaller and lighter (1140g Alpride System) which ensures that you have more space left in the bag. The Alpride E2 airbag system works with a supercapacitor instead of a Lithium-ion battery. The performance of the supercapacitor is more reliable in cold temperatures and the airbag inflates faster.

The new Alpride E2 motor is 40 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the existing Alpride E1 system, with a 162-liter airbag. Like the E1, the E2 is TSA-approved for hassle-free air travel. Last in addition to the storage in the supercapacitor, two AA batteries can be installed for additional activation. The batteries also help keep the supercapacitors fully charged when not in use.

  • Weight Alpride E2 : 1140 g: one of the lightest electronic systems on the market.
  • Supercapacitor technology: cold temperatures do not affect the performance or charge of the supercapacitor, it has the same performance from -30°C to +40°C.
  • The E2 can be charged via a USB-C port in 20 minutes and is charged on the go with AA batteries in just 40 minutes (without power supply).
  • Mechanical trigger and vent: no electronic error possible.
  • No cartridges / no Lithium-ion battery: no restrictions on travel and shipping.
  • LCD display: features level of AA batteries and battery of supercapacitors.
  • Turbo radial fan: more power and volume in a shorter time.
  • USB-C connection.

  • Volume: 22 Liter
  • Weight: 2430 g
  • Weight without airbag system: 1290 g
  • Dimensions: 52 / 29 / 19 (H x W x D) cm
  • Back length: 38 - 54 cm
  • Body height: 158 - 178 cm
  • Alpine system: If you use a backpack in alpine regions, it is essential to find the optimal balance between carrying comfort, durability and weight. The Alpine system is the answer to this challenge. Both Softstripe paddings flexibly embrace the back with every movement. Combined with the streamlined backpack, the load is always close to the body's center of gravity.
  • PFC-Free: This product is free of per- and polyfluorochemicals. DWR (Durable Water Repellency) impregnation has been used instead, this is harmless to health and the environment.
  • Ski carry system Diagonal and A-frame.
  • Snowboard carrying system: vertical (front panel) and horizontal (between back and back panel)
  • Suitable for a 3 liter drinking system
  • Hip belt with material loop, ice screw attachment and zippered pocket.
  • Straps for adjusting and compressing the bag
  • Ice axe attachment and helmet clips
  • Adjustable chest strap with signal whistle
  • Interior pocket to keep valuables safe
  • SOS label
  • TÜV/GS certified (EN16716