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Cardiff Swell Split 23/24

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Quick overview

Surfer's Choice. A deep-pow explorer, designed for the surfers of the mountains, the Cardiff Swell is a surf-inspired shape that fuses form and function. Seen riding steep couloirs, exposed spines and chest-deep stashes, the Swell is optimized for the ultimate ride. Compared to the Enduro boards, the Procarbons have cores that lie between layers of carbon instead of glass fiber. In addition, titanal strips have been added. This way you are guaranteed with a vibration-free ride, pop and a retained core shape. The big-mountain gun that lives for the steep and deep, but still holds it's own in variable and in-bounds conditions.



  • HALFcamber
    The CARDIFF HALFcamber places camber where it is absolutely necessary and gradual rocker everywhere else. The result is maximum glide, maneuverability and edge control.

  • PIVOT 2.0
    PIVOT 2.0 is two points of base contact. One under or in front of your front foot and on behind the back foot. The location of that contact relative to your foot position makes the board nimble and stable.

  • FLOATilla
    Big float, small board: by placing more surface area under foot and a gradual nose rocker the patent-pending HALFcamber allows Cardiff to create shorter board with more float.

    Blend of radial and progressive sidecuts are used on all CARDIFF boards to give each board a unique character.

  • SURF tip and WINGPIN tail
    Surf-inspired nose that creates a smooth entry into and out of turns. The wings of the wingpin extend the effective edge and pull in to release the edge making quick side-to-side turns off the tail smooth and easy.

  • Taper
    The widest point in the sidecut tapers in toward the tip earlier for less drag and hooking in powder. Swing weight is also reduced making the ski even more maneuverable in difficult snow.


  • CARBONcore
    CARDIFF Endure cores feature a poplar-paulownia construction with vertical layers of carbon fiber in-between. This simple detail helps the core retain its shape for years.


  • TRIAXglass
    Two layers of triaxial fiberglass above and below the core.


  • RACEbase
    Black graphite infused sintered base for maximized glide, durability and easy repair.


  • ENDUROcap
    On both the Enduro and Pro Carbon splitboards CARDIFF has used a scratch resistant dimpled topsheet for maximum performance and protection.


  • SHRedges 2.0
    Sharpened and beveled 2.0mm Hardened Rockwell 48 steel edges for maximum durability and precise control.

  • GROOMtune
    All CARDIFF solids are backcountry inspired but resort tuned- meaning all of the solids have been shaped and adapted to ride on groomed snow.

  • UNIwall
    Seamless urethane sidewalls fuse to the cores to create the most durable and damp ride available - featured on the Enduro Series decks.

  • BORDERpatrol
    All of the CARDIFF decks have a core that is wrapped in a bent layer of poplar that fuses to the UNI or SLIDEwall. This reinforces the edge while protecting the core.


  • NOVERhang
    CARDIFF creates wider-waisted high performance boards that will accommodate larger boot sizes without toe drag… you're welcome.


  • FULLplank
    The splitboard cores run tip to tail with special reinforcements in the binding and touring hardware locations.

  • SPLITtech Optimized
    All CARDIFF splitboards are optimized for both soft-boot and hard-boot touring setups. Hard-boot typically have longer sole lengths than soft-boots and hard-boot bindings (such as Phantom Alphas) sit lower to the surface of the splitboard. This requires a slightly wider deck underfoot, which all of CARDIFF's splitboards feature. Their splitboard cores are reinforced in the connection areas and bindings to handle additional forces from the metal and other hard bindings.

  • biLOBA
    All CARDIFF splitboards feature a chamfered inner edge of the split ski at both the tip and tail to allow for hood free touring and damage free connection.

  • SWALEtail
    All CARDIFF splitboards will accommodate a variety of skin tail-clips even those designed for skis.


Cardiff Swell Split 23/24 Sizechart
Size (cm) 156 160 164
Effective Edge (mm) 1160 1200 1240
Tip Width (mm) 311.1 317.9 329.6
Waist Width (mm) 260 265 275
Tail Width (mm) 281.3 287.9 299.45
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.7 7.9 8.1
Stance Setback (mm) 20 20 20
Width Mid-Wide Mid-Wide Wide