Burton x G3 Splitboard Skins

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Quick overview

G3 creates backcountry equipment for guides and avalanche professionals who make the mountains their office. Their trusted reputation of work-grade reliability and ingenuity is the reason why we picked G3 to supply our Burton Splitboard Skins. These skins are, hands-down, without question, the best, and better yet, their length is designed to fit your splitboard right out of the box.


  • 100% Nylon

This skin is made from 100% nylon. Nylon provides your skin with a lot of grip. The lack of Mohair results in less glide than a Mix or 100% Mohair (pure) skin. It is however much more durable. 100% nylon skins are considered ideal for climbing shorter and steeper faces. 

  • Glued Adhesive

The regular way of sticking a skin to a base is by a layer of glue. Glue provides excellent stickyness to the base as long as the skin is well maintained (stored and cleaned properly). Eventually glued skins will loose their grip and need to be equipped with a new layer.

  • Asymetrical clip

Asymetrical tail clips generaly fit better onto splitboards. The asymetrical shape creates a better hold and fit around the strong shaped splitboard sides.

  • Trimmer

This skin comes with a special trim tool to cut your skins.

  • Fitting

It’s one of the seemingly endless questions we ask to challenge the status quo of climbing skin design. Skins that cover the entire base of your skis are overkill and heavy. Most of your skin’s grip comes from just under the binding while fabric on the tip and tail creates unnecessary drag. Exposed ski base and alternative materials can significantly improve glide and efficiency without affecting that all- important grip.

  • Trim-to-fit

This skin only needs to be fitted to the waist. The tail connector is pre-mounted and solely needs be tightened to the right tension.