Blue Ice Harfang Tour Crampon Blue

Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

The Blue Ice Harfang Tour has an aluminum front, center and rear rail. If light weight and speed determine the success of your tour, this is the best crampon. The center rail can be completely removed for an even lighter racing configuration. The Harfang Tour is ideal for ski touring and ski mountaineering.

The patented concept of the Harfang is based on a central textile band that connects the front and rear rails and allows them to be mounted in the most suitable position depending on the application or the geometry of the ski boots used. Furthermore, the flexible connection system of the headband minimizes pack volume.

Designed for any shoe with a heel edge, the Harfang Tour includes two interchangeable front bracket systems: fully automatic and semi-automatic.


  • Weight: 312 g without ABS per pair and 360 g with ABS per pair
  • Shoe sizes: 35-47EU
  • Material: UHMWPE and HTPE 40mm center strap, aluminium
  • Heel Lever with micro adjustment
  • Fixed pivoting point cable attachment
  • Aluminum steel front, secondary and rear rails
  • Interchangeable front bails for boots with and without a front toe welt
  • TPU Active ABS to prevent snow bailling
  • Sold with semi-automatic "Toe basket", automatic "Standard toe bail" and storage bag
  • Certifications: CE EN 893, UIAA 153
  • Ideal for ski touring and ski mountaineering