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Blizzard Hustle 9 23/24

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What length ski

What ski length you need depends on your level, weight, height, type of ski and personal preference.

The table below is a guideline to determine the right length ski based on ski type and level.

More Information
Ski dimensions 128-94-117
Turn Radius 17m @ 180cm

Quick overview

Light on the uphill and incredibly stable on the downhill, the Blizzard Hustle skis are here to close the gap between the Lightweight Zero G touring skis and the solid Rustler Freeride skis. With a TrueBlend Free Woodcore and Carbon support the ski is damp, stable, and light. The Blizzard Hustle makes no compromises at any point in your ski experience. Take out the Blizzard Hustle 9 if you want a powerful touring ski or a lightweight all-mountain ski.



Rocker Camber Small Rise
Skis with a rocker in the tip, camber in the middle and a small rise in the tail are very versatile. The ski is easy to turn, and the camber under the foot gives the ski grip on harder snow. The tail is slightly raised, but it is not like a full rocker. This makes for a balanced combination of easy turning and carving, without compromising on stability.

Freeride Backcountry Construction

The Trueblend Free Woodcore

The Trueblend Free Woodcore features a unique combination of three wood densities to create specific flex zones in the ski, offering a smooth and balanced ride with easy turn initiation, confident control, and stable edge grip. This blending of the different densities of wood creates three distinct flex zones; a softer flex zone in the tip and tail areas, that facilitates easy turn initiation and release, a medium flex zone in front of and behind the binding, that helps deliver confidence and control and finally a stiffer flex zone in the center, underneath the binding, that guarantees perfect edge grip and stability.

Carbon D.R.T.
"Dynamic Release Technology is a dynamic energy release technology for the freeride/backcountry ski category. D.R.T. blends carbon fiber with fiberglass to give you better support, more confidence, and greater performance without compromising on the fun.

The strength and lightness of carbon fiber ensure:
•    lightweight damping
•    stability and control"

Sidewall Construction
A PU layer that seals the layered ski construction on the side and adds strength. Skis with a sidewall construction are generally more stable at speed, livelier and more durable.

Technical Details Blizzard Hustle 9

Tip width(mm)123124124.5127.5128
Waist width(mm)9292929494
Tail width(mm)113114114.5117117.5
Radius - Sidecut(m)131415.51718.5
Weight per ski(g)13701520165018001860