Arva TOUR40 Switch Cover Grey


Quick overview

The Arva Tour40 Switch Cover has a compartment for your avalanche safety gear, compression straps, rope and helmet holders, and multiple options for attaching skis, ice axes, poles or a split board.


  • Volume: 40L
  • Arva TOUR32 Switch Cover weight: 490g
  • Compatible with Arva Switch Airbags
  • Splitboard attachment
  • Diagonal and one A-Frame ski attachment.
  • Mounting for 2 ice axes
  • Includes a built-in helmet holder with storage compartment.
  • Daisy Chain system for attaching accessories.
  • Avalanche safety compartment
  • Materials: MIPAN REGEN-ROBIC 330D / Recycled Polyamide and 200D and 300D / Recycled Polyester for a durable backpack.