Arva Pack Safety Box Pro

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Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

The Arva Pack Safety Box Pro is the now-safety set for mountain professionals, intended for patrollers, guides, and all those who love winter exploration.


Arva Neo BT Pro
The Arva Neo BT Pro is ARVA’s new high-end transceiver. This device includes all the essential features for professional rescuers, such as an analog mode, a standby mode, and a SCROLLING function that allows you target a specific victim during a search.

  • 80m search strip width. (90m in analog mode)
  • 214g (including batteries)

Arva Guide 260 Probe
Extremely robust, this is the preferred probe for mountain professionals.

  • 60m probe when fully deployed, 7 segments 37.5cm long
  • RACK LOCK locking system allows you to quickly pull the tension cable tight when deploying your probe by simply pulling on the handle
  • 360 g

Arva Axe shovel
Able to convert into a hoe, the AXE shovel works well in any situation.

  • Shovel with telescopic shaft: 73cm minimum length, 89cm maximum length
  • 710 g