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Arva Neo BT Pro

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Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

ARVA's top-of-the-line avalanche beacon, the Arva NEO BT PRO combines performance with connectivity. With an 80m search strip width and Bluetooth technology, it will appeal to professionals and the new generation of backcountry enthusiasts alike.

The Arva NEO BT PRO can be connected to a smartphone via the ARVA app to access a wide range of services, including: updates, setting the avalanche alert, planning a trip or even practicing different rescue situations.

Experts are going to appreciate the improved analog mode with automatic calibration and a maximum range of 90 meters. For multiple burial situations, the Scrolling mode provides maximum efficiency during the search phase. The Arva NEO BT PRO is equipped with a soft holster that fits everyone!


  • Weight: 214 g (batteries included).
  • Bluetooth technology for connectivity with the ARVA app.
  • Battery life in transmit mode: 350 hours with alkaline batteries/450 hours with lithium batteries.
  • 80 m digital search strip width.
    • 80 m digital search strip width The search strip width corresponds to the area "scanned" by the search device. The larger the width of the search strip, the larger the area covered by the device. This characteristic is often used to compare the performance of beacons.
  • 90 m analog search strip width with automatic calibration.
    • Analog mode with automatic calibration management A device in standby mode neither searches nor transmits. This feature allows the user to edit the avalanche without his device interfering with the ongoing search. In case of a secondary avalanche, the function back to transmit automatically switches the device back to transmit mode.
  • The scroll function allows you to choose which victim to search for.
  • Group control function including transmit frequency control.
  • Highlight function to identify already found victims; 4-victim display shows ""+"" above 4 victims.
  • Device equipped with 3 antennas to increase the probability of detection in signal search and precision in fine search.
  • Digital signal processing efficiently guides the rescuer to the burial site.
  • Autotest mode allows the unit to diagnose if key functions are working correctly.
  • Backlit screen provides excellent contrast in all lighting conditions.
  • Automatic return to sender mode detects movement in case of a secondary avalanche.
  • Dynamic interference management allows users to adjust their search technique in an area of high signal interference.
  • U-turn alarm lets users know they are going in the wrong direction.
  • Standby mode allows the user to leave it on while shoveling.