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Samaya 2.5

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More Information
Weight 1500 - 1750g
Season 4-Season
Capacity 2-Person
Tent type Dome tent

Quick overview

The Samaya 2.5 is designed to accommodate two or even three users during their alpine expeditions. It is the ideal partner for those looking for optimal comfort even in the worst conditions. Lightweight and compact, you can easily slip this extremely breathable single wall tent into your backpack. The latest iteration of this groundbreaking tent has an extra zipper on the door, which you can use to zip in a removable mosquito mesh, which is available separately. The mesh is useful when you camp at lower altitudes.


Every once in a while, a game changing mountain tent is introduced that genuinely ups the ante. The stunning Samaya2.5 is an extremely breathable single wall 4-season tent, designed to accommodate two or three people, The Samaya 2.5 adapts to all your needs even in the worst conditions. Whether you're going to climb a mountain in alpine style or on a trek, the versatility of this tent guarantees you a successful adventure!

The Samaya2.5 is the iconic tent of Samaya®. It was their first tent developed and was the reason for the ISPO Brandnew award in 2019. Its hexagonal shape echoes the brand's logo. Symbol of elegance, this shape is also technically optimized to maximize the interior volume. The dome shape is thus the configuration that maximizes the tent's living space. The very vertical walls and the high ceiling guarantee a comfortable interior volume. The hexagonal shape also avoids a weakness in wind resistance.

Permeable to air, the Nanovent® membrane is responsible for oxygenation of the inside of the tent and promotes the evacuation of moisture to prevent the formation of droplets inside your tent (but you are still allowed to play your Jean Michel Jarre tape at night).

The choice of Dyneema® for the floor offers lightness and durability while guaranteeing 20,000 mm of waterproofing. Depending on the use you anticipate and in order to enable you to protect the ground of your tent on stones or dry grass, we have specifically developed a floor mat with a shape adapted to that of the Samaya2.5.

Very quickly assembled, its self-supporting structure allows you to take advantage of a shelter even when it is impossible to attach all the guylines. Once your two berths have been installed, you have two storage spaces on the sides of the structure to store your heavy equipment on the ground. Three large pockets allow you to segment the rest of your equipment.


Samaya®, a brand born in the French Alps, specialises in "single-wall" tents which have only one fabric and therefore only one layer between the interior and the outside environment. This design saves weight and folded space with the fabric surface area required to build the tent halved. An ultra-light and compact tent allows you to either carry more material for longer periods of autonomy or to be lighter and move faster with less fatigue.

In order to maintain the same properties as "double-walled" tents, this type of design requires the use of technical textile materials. In the world of the "single-wall" tent, it is therefore customary to use breathable waterproof membrane fabrics to ensure protection from the outside environment and to evacuate the vapour emitted by the user. The porosity and air permeability of these membranes also allow for the regeneration of indoor air and the maintenance of a comfortable and safe ecosystem for users.

Samaya® created the Nanovent® technology and optimized its electrospinning technique. Very specific adjustments of Polyurethane nano-filaments allow air to pass through the membrane while guaranteeing high waterproofness. This technology now allows Samaya® to offer the most versatile tents on the market. This membrane adapts perfectly to the environment in which it is located to guarantee waterproofness and perfect condensation management. This technology is also attracting a lot of interest thanks to its lightness and compactness.

The walls of the 2.5 and 2.0 tents are based on this technology with a 3-layer laminated fabric whose core is the Nanovent® membrane (between hydrophobic Nylon on the outside and hydrophilic Nylon on the inside).

  • Floor fabric: Dyneema® Composite Fabric 34 g/m²
  • Wall fabric: Nanovent® Three-layer Laminated Fabric
  • Removable roof fabric: Dyneema® Composite Fabric 18 g/m²
  • Ventilation: Water-repellent and adjustable Aquaguard® YKK® zip
  • Entrance door: Water-repellent and adjustable Aquaguard® YKK® zip & Dyneema® flap
  • Floor corners: Cordura® and Dyneema® reinforcement
  • Poles: DAC FeatherLite™ NFL 8.7 mm (x3)
  • Pegs: Swiss Pirhana RT90 (x6) + RT120 (x6)
  • Repair Kit: Repair Tube (x1) & Repair Kit (x1)
  • Pockets: Two on walls & one removable on ceiling
  • Adjusters: One on each guyline (x6)
  • Guylines: Dyneema® core with adjusters, triangular & reflective (x6)
  • Optional accessories: Dyneema® Vestibule 2.5, Vestibule 2.5 Nylon, Footprint 2.5. The Vestibules expand the floor space by 1.9m², the Footprint protects the floor of the tent


Samaya2.5 Specifications
Capacity 2-3 persons
Minimum weight 1.570g
Packed weight 1.650g
Floor dimensions 2.100 mm x 2.000 mm
Surface area 3.2 m²
Height 1.200 mm
Internal volume 2.6 m³
Packed size 185 mm x 230 mm
Packed volume 6.2L
Seasons 4
Construction Dome
Floor waterproofness 20.000 mm
Wall waterproofness 10.000 m
Seams 100% waterproof
Breathability 40,000 g/m²/24h